Recreational Diving or Scuba Diving is not the only water sport that you can do in Boracay Island.

You can also go windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, snorkeling, beach hopping, banana boat riding, and the likes.

You can do sports like mountain golf, biking, motorcycling, wall climbing, hiking, horseback riding, beach volleyball, beach football, tennis, and even bowling.

Spa, wellness, or a massage on the beach would certainly rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Lazing and strolling along the powdery white sand beach are the favorites and watching the beautiful sunset of Boracay Island should not be taken for granted.

After sundown, Boracay Island is quite active, transforming into an exciting night of dancing and partying. There are several restaurants, bars and discos that you can go to. You'll definitely enjoy your night out.

Don't forget to go shopping in Boracay, it is never boring. Well, just look around Boracay Island, and you will most likely find what you want to do!